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Biography of Dr. Alireza Azmandian


Dr. Alireza Azmandian was born in Tehran in 1953 to a religious family. He received his elementary education in Islamic schools, including Alavi High School in Tehran. He then graduated from Alavi High School at the top of his class in the field of mathematics. He obtained his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology and graduated in 1976. After his service in the army, which was simultaneous with the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, he became a political and economic news reporter on television. He achieved great success as a reporter and as a result of reporting on the political and economic state of the country and traveling to all regions of Iran and many different countries, he was able to attain a deeper understanding of the people’s conditions. By being present at the battlefields and conducting televised reports of the war operations, he was able to depict the courage, bravery, and selflessness of the Iranian soldiers in their war against Iraq.

After 6 years of tireless and dedicated work in television, in order to pursue a higher education, he traveled to America in 1985 and acquired his master's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a major in Engineering Management. He also received his PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California and, at the same time, he taught his specialized field in American universities.
Dr. Azmandian was appointed the role of president of the Aftab Television Network [*] in New York and for 4 years in this position, he strove to increase the culture of Iranians living in America.

During the 12 years of research and teaching at American universities, Dr. Alireza Azmandian was able to do extensive scientific study on the capabilities of the mind, exchange views with researchers of this field, and attend scientific conferences on self-improvement and self development. At the same time, he spent years researching and teaching to enhance this huge phenomenon of the century. Dr. Azmandian returned to Iran in 1997 in order to pass on the invaluable achievements of the self-development and self-management concepts he acquired, in a package he named the Technology of Thought to his fellow Iranians.

While teaching as a faculty member of the Engineering Department at the University of Tehran, he founded the cultural-scientific institute of Padideh Fekr (the Phenomenon of Thought) and by offering “The Technology of Thought” classes, he continued to expand and advance this technology in Iran. By creating enormous changes in the thought and belief system of his students, he was able to completely transform their lives.

Professor Alireza Azmandian has traveled to more than 50 countries including America, Canada, and European, Asian, and African countries. He has studied the fundamentals of the mind and the infinite power of human thought and has acquired a deep understanding of the mechanisms of thought, beliefs, and programming the subconscious mind. By utilizing the correct techniques of communication and the Technology of Thought, today he is at the service of people, so that by using his scientific achievements, he can create fundamental changes in their thought system. Dr. Alireza Azmandian strives to create immense change in people's lives, inspiring them to become truly happy, cheerful, goal-driven, motivated, powerful, and determined human beings of high character who have a complete sense of self-confidence and are filled with love and hope towards an amazing and productive life.

By offering conferences and the Technology of Thought seminars for managers, university professors, industrial workers, teachers, students, company employees, and other influential figures of society, Dr. Alireza Azmandian has not only completely changed their thought system and mentality, but by using the techniques of thought management, he has had an enormous impact on increasing their efficiency and ability to gain from human resources.

The success team at the cultural-scientific institute of Padideh Fekr believe that by spreading this technology among people and transforming the belief and thought system of each and every one of them, they are making a huge contribution to the honor and greatness of society.

[*] The Aftab Television Network in America was an Iranian television network that broadcasted television programs produced in Iran to Iranians interested in Islam and their country.


Dr. Alireza Azmandian wishes a great Thursday for you all!

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